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Station Summary

Department of Water and Environmental Regulation                                             HYSITREP V130  Output 11/02/2022 Page 1
                                                   HYSITREP - Site Summary Report                                                   
                                                 614120 - Gull Road Drain - Gull Rd                                                 

Site:                      614120 Gull Rd
Site Name:                 Gull Road Drain - Gull Rd 
Infrastructure commenced:  1/01/1990   Ceased:   
Grid Ref: Zone:            50 
Easting:                   389034.000                     Northing:   6405484.000                     Grid Datum:      MGA94 Map Grid of Australia 1994
Latitude:                  -32.482342642  3228'56.4"S    Longitude:  115.819012592 11549'08.4"E     Lat/Long Datum:  GDA94 Geodetic Datum of Australia 1994
Comment:                  Replaces sampling point 6142592 (phs4)flow data from 01/02/2005 to 29/04/2008

Control description:       
Max Gauged Stage:         10.941 
Max Gauge Date:           9/08/2017 
D'stream from Dam:        False 
Catchment Area:           145.850

 Var                            Var                         Start       Start
 From                           To                          Date        Time    Site                Table
   10.00 STAGE (m)               140 Discharge (m/s)       21/03/2005  00:00   614120                  1
   10.00 STAGE (m)               140 Discharge (m/s)       08/06/2017  15:40   614120                  2

Var                                     Interp  Extend Back  Extend Fwrd  Date                 Value   Qual
 102.00  Stage - CTF (m)                 No       Yes         Yes         21/03/2005 00:00    10.00000    1
 102.00  Stage - CTF (m)                 No       Yes         Yes         08/06/2017 15:40    10.00000    1
 103.00  STAGE - Telemetry(m)            No       Yes         Yes         08/06/2017 00:00     0.00000   10
 998.00  Catch. Area (km)               No       Yes         Yes         01/02/2005 00:00   145.85000   10
 998.00  Catch. Area (km)               No       Yes         Yes         01/06/2011 00:00   145.85000   10

    14 gaugings between 04/05/2005 and 10/08/2020

Type                       Section    Date      Run  SectNo
  XS Control                  1    27/06/2005     0  000001

Variable                                     Start Date   End Date
  10.00 STAGE (m)                            21/03/2005 11/01/2022