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Station Summary

Department of Water and Environmental Regulation                                             HYSITREP V132  Output 14/11/2023 Page 1
                                                   HYSITREP - Site Summary Report                                                   
                                             6101064 - Vasse River - Causeway Old Rail X                                            

Site:                      6101064 Causeway Old Rail X
Site Name:                 Vasse River - Causeway Old Rail X 
Infrastructure commenced:  1/11/1997   Ceased:   
Grid Ref: Zone:            50 
Easting:                   346814.667                     Northing:   6275100.654                     Grid Datum:      MGA2020 Map Grid of Australia 2020
Latitude:                  -33.652936364  3339'10.6"S    Longitude:  115.347991158 11520'52.8"E     Lat/Long Datum:  GDA2020 Geocentric Datum of Australia 2020

Control description:       
Max Gauge Date:            
D'stream from Dam:        False 

Variable                                     Start Date   End Date
  24.00 Water Temp situ(C)                  07/01/2021 05/10/2023
  24.01 Water Temp situ(C)                  03/12/2020 14/10/2021
  24.02 Water Temp situ(C)                  03/12/2020 14/10/2021
  80.00 Cond Comp (s/cm)                    07/01/2021 05/10/2023
  84.00 Salinity (ppt)                       07/01/2021 05/10/2023
  87.00 Oxy Diss situ (mg/l)                 07/01/2021 05/10/2023
  88.00 pH in-situ      (pH)                 16/02/2021 05/10/2023
  89.00 Oxy Diss Sat situ(%)                 07/01/2021 05/10/2023
  91.00 Sample Depth (m)                     07/01/2021 05/10/2023