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Total Annual Rainfall report

    Department of Water and Environmental Regulation HYANN V87  Output 19/04/2024

    Site     502010          Gumm Creek - The Hill
    Variable 1.00            Rainfall - Total - to agency standards in Millimetres

    Year   Annual              Days            Rank
           Total               Missing
    2016          411.0           301             9
    2017           1517                           1
    2018          891.8                           7
    2019          529.4                           8
    2020           1226                           3
    2021          935.8                           5
    2022           1345                           2
    2023           1087                           4
    2024          910.6           258             6

    Total          8854           559
    Minimum       411.0
    Maximum        1517
    Mean          983.8
    Median        935.8